For Clarity & Self Care

Yoga for Clarity.

At the start of many practices, I meditate on what it is exactly that I'm looking to gain. Why am I there? What is it that I need? What drives me to class? It's that overwhelming feeling of clarity as I make my way home. It's those few still moments where I can be lost in my own head during the drive home. It's clarity. It's honesty. It's the gift of presence which I wish would extend to my everyday instead of just in these spare moments.

Yoga for Self Care.

I have a problem that is often laughed at. It's a problem that I have struggled with for the last five years and that I have never been able to fully understand or deal with and it all comes down to body image issues. Though I'm far from being obese, I haven't felt comfortable with who I am in my own skin for a bit of time now. I know part of that comes with age, my changing body and whatnot, but lots of it is from my lack of self care. I don't eat well. I don't exercise. I indulge and over-reward myself rather than discipline myself to develop life changes. Yoga is clarity for this. I feel accomplished when my body is aching. I feel motivated to keep the pain coming. 2015 is all about me and self care - both painful and indulgent - is the name of the game.