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Sunday Reads + a Good View

This beautiful tapestry hangs from my dining room -- of which, I am proud to have. Not may people get to brag about having a dining room in a rental. 

It was a birthday present from my uncle while he, my mom and some miscellaneous aunts and cousins of mine, and I were all in Istanbul for a week. It was about five years ago after my second year of college. I got out of my last final and straight on a plane, basically. Istanbul is so filled with beautiful textiles, housewares and art that I had to bring some back with me. This tapestry was a present my uncle got me after haggling with this store owner who then enquired whether I was married yet or not. What whatttt?!?

It's typically my view from my seat in my dining room, though I rarely take pictures of that wall of the room. I'm always focused on the plants and shelf accessories on the other side. I've had this hanging in my various apartments for years now and never tire of it. Usually when I'm browsing links and reads and photos on the internet, I face it. On a beautiful day, this baby glistens in the bask of accentuating sunny yellow light. It brightens my mornings and days. Artificial lighting is not allowed in this home until after 1pm.

So to accompany your coffee + dining room view, or wherever you enjoy your morning juice of choice, I'm sharing some good early Sunday links that I've been enjoying this week.

+ The 100 years of hair video -




. Notice how we're both doing more modern versions of 70s dos?

+ This recipe for homemade granola via

Eat Hälsa

, a new healthy cafe in DC

+ Colouring books are not just for children -

Irish Times

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these bananas

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