Last of Summer Botanical Study

As Summer comes to a close and Fall approaches, I find myself loving this time of year. I can ride around with the windows down and switch between leggings and boots and leggings and flats as much as I please - or even still enjoy a rare day that I shave my legs and throw on a romper. Those days are rare for me in the Summer (I'm lazy), but today happened to be one of them. 

I sat on my bedspread watching Mr Handsome play soccer for 3 hours today while fighting off little bugs and crawlers, barely getting missed by some falling bird poop, and I realized how much I blend in to that end of Summer dried out grass look. It has such a Fall look - dried out grass under an overcast sky. I love going to B's games when I get the chance. It's so nice to just sit outside in the fresh air and clear the mind- very meditative. I did some big biz dreaming today- how did you spend your Sunday?