It's Always Happy Hour Somewhere

Photos from yesterday at

Urban Butcher

- a swanky restaurant and full service butcher shop in Silver Spring's Fenton Village neighborhood, home to tons of other awesome one-off and unique restaurants, cafes and businesses. We found ourselves there at 8pm for their all day Sunday happy hour after a v long day, or weekend actually, in Silver Spring.

Explaining my work situation and/or friend situation to people is difficult. Particularly so when outsiders happen upon a group of us all at once.

How do you know each other?

No one knows where to start because we've become this incestual entrepreneurial friend group with links and ties to different organizations and local businesses in Silver Spring. You might find us all running a restaurant crawl or instagramming it (what we were doing yesterday) as putting on and documenting a huge downtown event; or you might find us all in a crazy impromptu round of Battle Tetris on a Friday night.

I guess the first place to start is with

the Silver Spring community market I work at

, where I have been part-time with one boss / friend for three years at least while running

my candle biz

also. My husband just came on board part-time and is also working part-time with entrepreneurial friends of ours at

an SS based marketing company

. There are also three people there - the guy who started it, my husband and another guy; whose super long-time girlfriend is a graphic designer that did my business logo, that I make our

hand lettering club

happen with and who is a graphic designer for a

small design company


co-working space

in downtown Silver Spring. 

This I would say is the base of our ties and from there things get crazier; move further out to different organizations and businesses in the area; and tie everyone together in this awesome Making-Shit-Happen-In-Silver-Spring cult. Other members would include: the

go-to photographer in DTSS

who did photos for my website and my wedding; her next wedding clients who are tied to the only

neighborhood thrift store

in Silver Spring; and neighbors of mine who just opened a

wellness studio

 in Silver Spring where my candles are sold and where I take lots of yoga classes. 

It's crazy fun and there's always something to do / people to do it with and drinks to be had after a killer long day is over, which is what we were doing last night after the

Taste the World in Fenton Village

was all packed up. It was such a beautiful day to experience so much of Silver Spring and really let this neighborhood shine. This is a really special place and only sitting curbside on Georgia Avenue sipping lavender margaritas on a perfect May day while drenched in sweat can really sum up how much I love being here.