March Candle Subscription: Amping Up for Spring

March is a big birthday month in my family. My sister's is the 1st and my mom's is the 20th. Then my maternal grandmother's would fall on the ides of March and my paternal grandmother's is the 25th.

In our family, the beginning of March always the signifies the start of spring, regardless of the temperature. My sister has historically embraced a brand new spring outfit every year on her birthday - rain or shine; snow or daisies. I've seen her leave for the school bus wearing flip flops on her birthday, even when there was still remnants of snow on the ground. By the way, snow was a novelty where we grew up. It did not happen and stick very often during the season. We were too close to the Chesapeake Bay to ever get out of school for a good amount of time.

So in the spirit of spring, birthdays and maybe even some

New Growth

sprouting out of the ground, our March candle subscription package includes a

Fruit Blossom soy candle

and a pair of

Happy Day matchbooks

. Lift your spirits through these last few cold days and embrace them a little too. Every day is joyous with the right state of mind.