How To Orchid

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A GUIDE. This is more like a request for knowledge. I don't know how to orchid yet.

This is my first orchid! Well actually, I bought two from Ikea earlier this week. Orchids have become kind of a weird


 in my family as of late. I remember years ago for Valentine's Day both of my parents bought each other orchids on the same day and brought them home after work. It was pretty funny.

In more recent history though, we did a White Elephant kind of Christmas gift exchange among my mom's family - aunts, uncles, cousins - this past Christmas and the hot ticket items were tied up between an orchid, which was wrapped and everything by the way, and a folding grill that collapses so small that it could slide right under a couch. The orchid was stolen three times, the winner of which was my brother, the youngest member of the family who swooped in at the last second and took it from one of my cousins who spent all of Christmas lecturing everyone about proper orchid care. Surprise ending. I had my heart set on puzzles though and got TWO.

This IKEA orchid is a phalaenopsis. Let it nearly dry out between waterings. Feed it a small cup of water once a week and keep out of super direct sunlight.

Doing my best not to kill my newest baby, but Ikea does not make their instructions easy to comprehend.

See here.

 What I'm REALLY unsure of what to do is if I should take it out of it's little plastic cup or not. The other orchid I got is much smaller and the veiny roots are growing out of the cup. Should I repot that one? And if so, what kind of soil should I use? It's all so confusing!

So if you have answers for me, please share.

P.S. Brad made me a smoothie this morning!