Coffee Break: Kefa Cafe

Kefa Cafe

is one of my favorite spots in all of Silver Spring. It's an Ethiopian Cafe that is run by a pair of sisters - Lene and Abeba - that make you feel like family when you drop in. Above is my favorite thing to get there: an everything bagel with cream cheese and tomato. Sometimes a little black pepper, if I'm feeling spicy. My mouth is drooling just thinking about this meal that I will have on Wednesday am for breakies. As you can see, I usually can't get a photo in before I take a bite - it is just that tempting.

Kefa always has the best plants - whether it's this money tree sitting in an oversized teacup by the espresso machine (sorry you can't tell from the photo), the little arrangements sitting on the tables that they change up with the seasons or the viney flowers that sit on the sidewalk out front during warmer months.

But a great reason to always come back is the rotating art gallery in their yellow room, dubbed

Space 7:10

. Here is a photo from my favorite exhibit ever -



Kefa itself is basically an art gallery and I could definitely go on and on about why this is the most amazing place ever and reveal the many photos that I've taken over the years, but I won't. Go visit. Take a book or a good friend because there is no wifi. It is a community hub - an institution of our little city - and if you know your local government big wigs, I guarantee you'll spot them there in their 9-to-5er political suits. Kefa is a place to clear your mind and enjoy a good cup of coffee. I recommend the hazelnut!

P.S. Find a mini version of Kefa at the new Silver Spring library opening in a few months.

You can support this awesome new endeavor here.