Winter Inspiration: Mendel's

While closing out this snowy weekend, I realized that

The Grand Budapest Hotel

needed a shoutout. It's my winter movie of choice (I've watched it twice this weekend), and I'm craving some Mendel's deserts. Or Mendel's pink. One or the other - or both - would be very welcome in my life.

Yes, yes I know that this movie is not new. It's not new to me either- don't worry. But it is just spectacularly beautiful. It got an undeserved bad rap when it came out for not being as in depth as other Wes Anderson flicks but I don't feel that is representative. No, it's not as heart tuggingly emotional as

The Darjeeling Limited

or as nostalgic as

Moonrise Kingdom

or sympathetic as

Life Aquatic

, but it has it's own character and spirit in it's own right. A fast-moving tale told of a man with nothing, or Zero, and just as a modest person with nothing would tell the story of their life. It may be my favorite of all the Wes Anderson films I've seen. Mystical and imaginative - a place I want to be.