Today: extra strong coffee + a grapefruit candle

My workbench is a constant mess. Specks of ink, paint, stamp pads, washi tape everywhere. Sorry it doesn't make for very pretty photos, but this is where I find myself spending most of my days - in my studio room, splayed out on the tiny little couch in here, watching movies that I've seen a million times. Real hibernation.

In my and Mr Handsome Habitat's quest to become simple and free of things, we got rid of duplicating ways to produce the same item. No. 01 on the list was to get rid of the coffee maker and stick to just the little french press and pour-over device that slide right into our limited kitchen cabinets. Such a small thing to do but it made such big impact on our counter space and livelihoods.

Recently my brother came over for brunch with his own coffee. (He's 18 and cool like that.) I told him that we do have coffee here, you know - to which he promptly replied, yea but you probably have some weird hand pumped coffee or something. (Yea, that's all we have) - so if it's not your thing, BYOC to my apartment.

In other news, I'm taking full advantage of leftover 2014 stock and burning it all. I don't enjoy my candles as much or as often as I should, so I'm taking the opportunity to truly enjoy my product and my work. Since the New Year I've been burning my way through an

8 oz grapefruit tin wrapped in the pages of the Feminine Mystique

, which is a book that is also on my reading list. This is a scent that I've been debating getting rid of, because making all natural citrus fragrances work in candles is a little peculiar. It requires a little tinkering to get it just right. I'm really not willing to go the non-natural route for what I make in my line though. I'm all for sustainability, of course - but even more in favor of health.

I'm really enjoying this little pup these days though, and citrus is supposed to stimulate your brain. Grapefruits were a favorite of my very creative late grandmother who passed when I was really young, so this is one of the few ways I feel that I can stay connected to her spirit - through the things she enjoyed and liked. Grapefruit is one of them, giant paper flowers are another. I'm on a mission of self-discovery.