On Uniforms

I used to think that it was so weird and lame that cartoon characters always wore the same outfits in every episode. The artists had to redraw everything they were doing, right? So why not put them in different outfits every once in a while? Now that I'm older though (and kind of a lazy pants) I do tend to find that I have a uniform that really doesn't change much - especially during the winter when I a) don't leave the house and b) don't sweat on my Rosie walks.

Above: my most ideal outfit / standard uniform as drawn for Andrea Pippins' doodling challenge.

GARB: My daily uniform consists of leggings, a dark colored shirt (blue if I'm feeling super fly) and a cardigan if that dark colored shirt is not a sweater.

JEWELRY: The emerald engagement ring sets the outfit off, plus my swanky wedding band and one of two necklaces - my geometric brass one, pictured above, or a simple wooden necklace that falls a little higher on the neck. Most days I'm also sporting my paisley ring from

nmc jewelry


SHOES: Every season I get a new pair of shoes and wear them every day. This fall / winter, it's been a short pair of brown booties that I scored for $30 at Target. In the summer I was wearing a pair of brown leather(?) flats and last winter / fall I was wearing a pair of heeled taupe boots. Both were from Marshalls. Since I spend most of my time at home, I'm always wearing cozy socks, sometimes ones that I knit myself.

HAIR: I've only recently gotten out of my front braid phase, and I'm transitioning into a soft front twist instead. I'm feeling that 2015 is going to become the year of the pony tail because my hair is getting a little long to keep in a braid. It takes too much effort to reach behind my head to finish the braid to the end. Though I did learn how to do a fishtail braid finally, so I might transition into that...

BAG: I found a vegan leather bag from Free People a few months ago, and although the lining already has torn, I sewed it right back up like a champ. On any given day, I have a Moleskine full of lists, fancy REAL leather wallet, pouch full of makeup that I don't often wear, subtly obnoxious Urban Outfitters sunglasses and as of recently, a sketchbook. Because as I've said in previous posts, 2015 is all about self discovery and artistry. I also might have a book or magazine with me.

CURRENTLY READING: The Te of Piglet with Worn Magazine's final issue on the side + Kinfolk. I just finished the Tao of Pooh and Anthology mag 17.

In college my uniform was: blue H&M chinos, light colored tops, always some sort of scarf and a sexy braid that came to the left side of my body because my hair was so long that I used to get it caught on things in class. I'd sit down and my hair would catch between my back and the chair. It would yank my head back, it was awful, so I transitioned to the side braid instead.

I'm thinking of trying to change it up a bit in the spring though- work in some more shorts and skorts. What do we think?

Above: Me in my studio, the best room in the house