Coffee Break: La Mano

One of my favorite neighborhood spots is

La Mano

, a little coffee bar right by the Takoma metro station. A pretty chill, wifi-free spot, I love stopping in there for a fresh drink and a change of the vibe. Bring a book. So analog. 

Part of why I love this place so much? Art and plants. Can't really go wrong there. I did a write up of the artist, Mei Mei Chang that did the wall mural on

one of my other blogs here

(yea, I have a ton of side projects) but now they've rotated out some of her work for a new artist that definitely gets me.

The day's specials list when I went there the other day included a London Fog chai tea latte. I arrived in the mood for chai and O.M.G. did it deliver. Earl Gray + soy milk + honey + some secret spice = perfection.

And a dog.