A Healthful Life + Recipe

We all have body image issues, right? Unless your parents loved you too much and sent you off into the world bumbling along with your happy little face and head full of optimism, I guess. The rest of us hate you, by the way.

I have always struggled with body image issues but never eating disorders. I definitely don't have any problems eating, which is why I have body image issues...

2015 is supposed to be about self care for me. It's about working less, making more time for myself and the things I like to do, and spending more time growing as a person. In this realm, I think it's finally time to add exercise to my life.

I walked a lot in college. At University of Maryland, there's really just no getting around it. I would walk at least a mile to any class from my apartment and I think it's time to add that back into my life, especially since I live within two miles of anywhere I ever need to go. My apartment to Zed's Cafe: 1.7 miles. My apartment to Capitol City Cheesecake: 1.6 miles. Sure it'll take longer to get around, but it'll pay off in the end.

2015 self care goals:

+ take Rosie on longer walks

+ walk more in general

+ go to yoga regularly

+ by Summer session, try a Yoga II class

Help keep me honest this year, friends. Until next time, enjoy the brightly colored smoothie. Recipe below:

A Good Morning Smoothie:

+ 1 banana

+ 3 frozen strawberries

+ 1/4 cup blueberries (this is made up, I just grabbed about this much in my hand)

+ 2 tsp milled flax seed

+ 2 tsp oats

+ dash of almond milk