Free & Foraged Fall Decor

Why is it that I never take stock of the leaves until Fall? There's nothing like collectable nature until Fall when all the leaves, acorns, random fruits and pinecones all fall gracefully to the ground. I always find myself so caught up in the shapes of leaves - like this perfectly preserved little leaf right here. I'm not too much of a nature gal (other than my Environmental Science degree, which I mostly use for taking pictures of flowers and plants) so I can't tell you what kind of tree it came from, but it's beautiful, isn't it?

This is also the time of year that all my empty vases and decorative cups end up full of acorns, my corners hiding pinecones and me trying to tell Mr Handmade Habitat that it's decor and that I NEED IT THERE IT'S NOT TRASH! He doesn't buy it, but he also lets me keep my little collections from mine and Rosie's walks around the neighborhood. It's our special fall thing - free, foraged, fall decor.

Short tangent- foraged is my favorite, stupid word of all time. It's like that episode of The League where Andre is gets really into urban foraging and just picks up weeds from the side of the road to prepare that big dinner party for everyone. I think I'm remembering it right.

Anyway, go forage your own fall decor before next week's supposed snow hits and ruins life as we know it.