A New Commitment to Eating In, But One Last Croissant First

If you know me offline, you probably know that one of the ways I treat myself [constantly] is by eating out - or more particularly - eating amazing croissants all the time. I'm actually on a personal mission to find the best croissant between Takoma Park and Silver Spring. This almond croissant pictured above is from the swanky 

Kaldi's Coffee Bar

in Silver Spring - it's an amazing croissant, but honestly, just not as good as Takoma Park's

Takoma Bistro

aka Bread and Chocolate. Their croissants - almond and plain (I don't really do chocolate croissants that often) - are the BEST around. Though the service there sucks, the croissants are definitely worth the long wait to take it to go. But if you're going to sit down and enjoy yourself somewhere with a good croissant, Kaldi's is your spot because, well... you go to Bread and Chocolate and decide for yourself. I will say that Takoma Park IS the show Portlandia. I'm pretty sure Portlandia is a documentary of Takoma Park- they just changed the name of the town to protect anonymity.

But anyway, I'm on a new personal mission to start eating at home. It's tragic, and probably not worth it for my sanity and happiness -- but it will save me a little bit of money. And who knows, maybe I'll learn how to make a croissant one day. This month, I'm committing to only eating out once a week, unless it's with friends because I refuse to sacrifice my social life. Many of you might be thinking - that's not really a big deal. Why are you being such a baby?! And you're probably right, but I've still been in the college mode of eating out three meals a day, seven days a week for a long time now.[Years and years. Like seven years. How much money have I been throwing away at Chipotle? You do the math.] It's finally time for me to nest and cook and clean and all that crap that sucks.

So here's my desperate plea: please rally behind me with your support! 

Send me recipes on Pinterest

 or encouraging tweets! My husband is going wheat (maybe even gluten) free these days, so don't send me pictures of cakes that I cannot make in front of him. Thanks in advance, good cooks of the internet!