Jamaica Dreamin part 2: this is how to properly relax

I'm a person who stays busy. Working/not working - it's all the same. I stay busy. When I'm "off the clock" you can generally find me knitting winter socks for the holiday season, working a shift at my local yoga studio or in a yoga class. Sometimes I'll take my computer to my favorite cafe and surf Pinterest for new ideas or update the miscellaneous blogs that I manage, but even that you could consider "working." Whatever. I fucking love to work! 

So on vacation I stayed busy by reading books, taking pics and Instagraming. Mr Handmade Habitat did his best to keep me off the web (and I was really good about going sans internet for the week - or at least minimal internet) so ANYWAY - long story short: this is how you properly relax on vacation. Pictured above: unlimited piña coladas.

This was definitely a foodie vacation but I don't think I ever got a picture of actual food. Above is an empty bowl of rum raisin ice cream. #DrunkforLunch

Fresh ass smoothie bar? ALWAYS.

The best thing about every meal - the resort cats that hung around all the outdoor dining places. Another fun fact- we did not eat a single meal inside. We spent as much time outdoors as humanly possible.

And the most amazing walk-in shower with WINDOWS. Showers with open windows are better. Everyone should know that.