September September

September is my favorite time of year. Life speeds up, gets exciting and hints every day of the coming fall months and holidays to look forward to - time with friends and family and then ultimately, my winter hibernation. I'm trying to live in the now and appreciate every little moment we have between now and my wedding. (I'll be married in 12 days!) Right now, it feels like the calm before the storm, though I do fret daily over the weather for the 20th. Fingers crossed for an evening of clear skies!

Accompanying me in these last few still moments I have left for the next few weeks are a lavender soy candle to keep the calm even calmer and floating wild farmer's market flowers. Water is a calming element and right now I need as much of that as possible. Happy September!

September's candle subscription included: one lavender soy candle and one graph paper matchbook for you back-to-school nerds.

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