National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day! As I sit here next to my spoiled little pup who is taking up the majority of the couch, I can't believe that it's almost been three years since we picked her up from the boonies of Virginia. So let me tell the origin story of ROZE.

Rosie, originally christened Gigi, was found in a ditch on the side of a highway about two weeks after her birth. She was separated from the rest of her litter - not all of whom were alive when the litter was discovered. Pups aren't supposed to be separated from their mother that young, which contributes to the little quirks she has - always needing to be near a person, typically touching them in some way whether it's sitting all in your lap while you attempt to knit, or being the connecting thread between you and your other half while you sit on separate ends of the couch so that Rosie can stretch out to the fullest. She's also very nervous and skittish and although she loves people, is very nervous about new people - especially if they're holding things (SHAME ON YOU).

We found Rosie on Craigslist and thought we'd just go meet her. I instantly fell in love and she's never left my side since. Though she does love it when Mr Handmade Habitat comes home, Rosie and I are partners in crime. Rosie gets up when I get up; Rosie sits on the couch with me late at night while we send emails and write blog posts; and Rosie keeps me company in the kitchen while I cook up candles. She has definitely eaten her share of soy wax over the years and is our primary kitchen mopper.

When we got Rosie, we were actually in the market for a cat. We happened to move to a dog-friendly building a few months before and I, having had cats in high school, wanted one to complete my post-college adult life. Brad had dogs all his life and wanted one but we weren't necessarily looking for one. Rosie was a little blessing and although she drives us crazy with her leash-aggressiveness and male-hater attitude toward life, I couldn't imagine life without this little corn chip smelling ball of fur running around the house, growling at the UPS guy and stealing my underwear. Love is a funny thing.

And to honor this day, a very rare photo of Rosie facing toward the camera. LOOK AT HER LITTLE FOOT OMG!!

Lastly, in case you're a purebred dog fan, let me ruin that for you.