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Green Wedding Shoes

I get married in less than a month and I am just so exhausted with weddings. I love finding inspirations on GWS and 100 Layer Cake, but does everything have to revolve around weddings? Can't it just be - oh hey, here's an awesome party with awesome decorations without bridesmaids and groomsmen and plastic looking cakes? I take a lot of styling inspo from these kinds of shoots and blogs but when it comes to planning this wedding, I don't think I've ever been more insecure or indecisive about how to have a party with all those people that you're related to / almost related to and have to sort-of impress or at least have them coming out at the end of the night NOT thinking that you're a total weirdo. So I'm currently in the process of limiting the number of dreamcatchers we have hanging around in trees. It's not a process that is working.