Reading Between the Lines

What book are you diving into this summer? For me, it's Jane Austen's Emma that somehow I'd never managed to actually read despite seeing the movie Clueless about a million times. 

Now that I am reading it though, I'm constantly trying to find the parallels between the two. What fascinates me about old literature is how personalities and human dynamics don't really change over time. Who knew classy, spoiled, know-it-all Cher had a great predecessor? I tend to think of ancient times as archaic- and to think of people more like cavemen than actual human beings that had feelings and relationships and the same complexities that we have today - minus Tinder. I mean, that is the only difference right? At least- it's the main difference.

If you didn't already guess this- I have a large collection of ripped up novels in the studio to cover my Classic candle tin line with. I'm constantly sifting through the mounds of paperbacks at our local used book store to find copies of Pride and Prejudice (covering pomegranate candles) and Wuthering Heights (covering lavender candles). My two most popular scents- pomegranate reminds me of a place of whimsy and life, much like the Bennet household, while lavender emits peace, and there is no place that could use a little bit of peace more than good ol' wild Wuthering Heights.

P.S. If you ever have old copies of: The Feminine Mystique, Pride and Prejudice,Emma, Wuthering Heights and Plato: The Laws, send them my way and I'll send a little cutie candle yours. <3

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