Mug and Plant Love

This plant and mug have both been with me for so long that they kind of are a part of my origin story. This is a five year old Ikea plant that I got in college when I moved into my first apartment. I have another one just like it that is way stronger and way more obnoxious and currently growing up a trellis in my dining room. In comparison, this guy has always just looked sickly. They've been in the same pot at times, in separate pots at other times but I was just tired of how sad and pathetic (my mom's favorite phrase) that he was always looking. I finally dug him out of the shared pot, threw out all the dead strands and saved this one for this little old mug in my kitchen. Her mate had shattered years ago and she's on the verge of being unsafe for coffee, so a match was made. Both of them seem to be doing really well in this new arrangement.