On Seeded Fruit

On this dry winter morning I'm reminiscing about Valentine's Day and getting massively lost in the US Botanical Gardens, which is the best, most humid space in the entire city in the winter. I cannot wait until spring when the National Arboretum is back in play and the cherry blossoms come out. I just keep imagining myself picnicking under a sea of white-ish pink flowers with a bow in my hair and a tiny dog in a picnic basket. I'm also an blissfully happy tiny white person in this fantasy. Maybe wearing ruby red shoes, but I digress.

The other day I may have been spectacularly not sober when my husband and I had a really in-depth conversation about fruit. We were eating seeded grapes and watching Netflix (cause that's how we do) and after researching whether the seeds were safe to eat or not, I had a major epiphany about how badly we were [probably, this is not a well researched stance] destroying the environment via food production and growing unnatural seedless fruit.  (I may have called all these fruit eunuchs more than once in my, again, not sober epiphany.) In fact, during my seed research I found out that seeds are actually very good for you, so I made Brad pledge with me to never buy seedless grapes - or fruit of any kind - again. 

His response: "Sounds good to me, [insert adorable nickname here]. Seeded grapes are cheaper anyway."

I'm coming off of a two month reading binge of the

Tao of Pooh


Te of Piglet

and both

Winnie the Pooh

books. All I can think of is how we should all be bumbling around like Pooh bear- living off the land, writing bad poetry, and spreading the seeds of fruit so they grow far and wide across the wilderness. As we were all intended. 

Small Moments This Week

1. My view this Saturday morning of a Free People Christmas ornament that translates to my life all year round and bits of sun streaking my closet door. It's the best thing to wake up to.


Table carnations

at a 

local restaurant

 that Brad and I stopped in for lunch this week. It was my second time there - his first and I think it's going to be added to our local lunch date rolodex.


Moments of inspiration / meditation

in my studio. Just a daily reminder to be true to the heart.

It's that Time of Year...

That weird little bit of time between the New Year and Valentine's Day where the days run together. Every day is cold and partially overcast and everyone starts taking down their holiday decor. Mine and Rosie's walks are littered with discarded trees so we always stop and sniff.

This is my beef with Christmas - I hate plastic so I refuse to get a reusable plastic lame tree but real trees are so wasteful (though they smell so good). Luckily I am married to a Christmas-unenthusiast so my decor has to be subtle and unintrusive. Unlikly for said Xmas-unenthusiast, that usually means my nondescript decor stays up well after the holidays pass. Take this for example - a trellis of lights. THEY BLEND IN!

And they are never coming down.

For Clarity & Self Care

Yoga for Clarity.

At the start of many practices, I meditate on what it is exactly that I'm looking to gain. Why am I there? What is it that I need? What drives me to class? It's that overwhelming feeling of clarity as I make my way home. It's those few still moments where I can be lost in my own head during the drive home. It's clarity. It's honesty. It's the gift of presence which I wish would extend to my everyday instead of just in these spare moments.

Yoga for Self Care.

I have a problem that is often laughed at. It's a problem that I have struggled with for the last five years and that I have never been able to fully understand or deal with and it all comes down to body image issues. Though I'm far from being obese, I haven't felt comfortable with who I am in my own skin for a bit of time now. I know part of that comes with age, my changing body and whatnot, but lots of it is from my lack of self care. I don't eat well. I don't exercise. I indulge and over-reward myself rather than discipline myself to develop life changes. Yoga is clarity for this. I feel accomplished when my body is aching. I feel motivated to keep the pain coming. 2015 is all about me and self care - both painful and indulgent - is the name of the game.

Sunday Reads + a Good View

This beautiful tapestry hangs from my dining room -- of which, I am proud to have. Not may people get to brag about having a dining room in a rental. 

It was a birthday present from my uncle while he, my mom and some miscellaneous aunts and cousins of mine, and I were all in Istanbul for a week. It was about five years ago after my second year of college. I got out of my last final and straight on a plane, basically. Istanbul is so filled with beautiful textiles, housewares and art that I had to bring some back with me. This tapestry was a present my uncle got me after haggling with this store owner who then enquired whether I was married yet or not. What whatttt?!?

It's typically my view from my seat in my dining room, though I rarely take pictures of that wall of the room. I'm always focused on the plants and shelf accessories on the other side. I've had this hanging in my various apartments for years now and never tire of it. Usually when I'm browsing links and reads and photos on the internet, I face it. On a beautiful day, this baby glistens in the bask of accentuating sunny yellow light. It brightens my mornings and days. Artificial lighting is not allowed in this home until after 1pm.

So to accompany your coffee + dining room view, or wherever you enjoy your morning juice of choice, I'm sharing some good early Sunday links that I've been enjoying this week.

+ The 100 years of hair video -




. Notice how we're both doing more modern versions of 70s dos?

+ This recipe for homemade granola via

Eat Hälsa

, a new healthy cafe in DC

+ Colouring books are not just for children -

Irish Times

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these bananas


these bananas

for example. 

On Uniforms

I used to think that it was so weird and lame that cartoon characters always wore the same outfits in every episode. The artists had to redraw everything they were doing, right? So why not put them in different outfits every once in a while? Now that I'm older though (and kind of a lazy pants) I do tend to find that I have a uniform that really doesn't change much - especially during the winter when I a) don't leave the house and b) don't sweat on my Rosie walks.

Above: my most ideal outfit / standard uniform as drawn for Andrea Pippins' doodling challenge.

GARB: My daily uniform consists of leggings, a dark colored shirt (blue if I'm feeling super fly) and a cardigan if that dark colored shirt is not a sweater.

JEWELRY: The emerald engagement ring sets the outfit off, plus my swanky wedding band and one of two necklaces - my geometric brass one, pictured above, or a simple wooden necklace that falls a little higher on the neck. Most days I'm also sporting my paisley ring from

nmc jewelry


SHOES: Every season I get a new pair of shoes and wear them every day. This fall / winter, it's been a short pair of brown booties that I scored for $30 at Target. In the summer I was wearing a pair of brown leather(?) flats and last winter / fall I was wearing a pair of heeled taupe boots. Both were from Marshalls. Since I spend most of my time at home, I'm always wearing cozy socks, sometimes ones that I knit myself.

HAIR: I've only recently gotten out of my front braid phase, and I'm transitioning into a soft front twist instead. I'm feeling that 2015 is going to become the year of the pony tail because my hair is getting a little long to keep in a braid. It takes too much effort to reach behind my head to finish the braid to the end. Though I did learn how to do a fishtail braid finally, so I might transition into that...

BAG: I found a vegan leather bag from Free People a few months ago, and although the lining already has torn, I sewed it right back up like a champ. On any given day, I have a Moleskine full of lists, fancy REAL leather wallet, pouch full of makeup that I don't often wear, subtly obnoxious Urban Outfitters sunglasses and as of recently, a sketchbook. Because as I've said in previous posts, 2015 is all about self discovery and artistry. I also might have a book or magazine with me.

CURRENTLY READING: The Te of Piglet with Worn Magazine's final issue on the side + Kinfolk. I just finished the Tao of Pooh and Anthology mag 17.

In college my uniform was: blue H&M chinos, light colored tops, always some sort of scarf and a sexy braid that came to the left side of my body because my hair was so long that I used to get it caught on things in class. I'd sit down and my hair would catch between my back and the chair. It would yank my head back, it was awful, so I transitioned to the side braid instead.

I'm thinking of trying to change it up a bit in the spring though- work in some more shorts and skorts. What do we think?

Above: Me in my studio, the best room in the house