Market Hopping

Summer Blossoms

Here's my secret flower spot: Suttler Post Farm that you can find on Saturdays at the

Silver Spring FreshFarm Market

+ Sundays at the

Takoma Park Farmer's Market

. We picked up a lot of their flowers for our wedding head table as well. Beautiful cuts of flowers blooming wild and free. Getting these is my absolute favorite weekend activity. In fact, a weekend is just not so without getting some of these.

Baked Goodies

Pastry Porn at the Petworth Farmer's Market last Saturday. This vendor has the BEST croissants. Enormous, buttery, flaky gifts from heaven. I couldn't even finish the beauty I got on Saturday. Petworth Farmer's Market also has an amazing bratwurst vendor. It's breakfast + lunch kind of day for me, which doesn't happen at all markets. 


Petworth Community Market

9th & Upshur Sts NW

Saturdays 9a-1p

Market Scenes

From a few weeks ago at

the market (Fenton Street Market, my home market)

. There's a great farmer's market across the street from us that has an amazing flower vendor. We got a bunch of them as extras for our wedding. I love heading over there in the morning before my own market day starts for some decorative flowers (for the booth, essential of course) and an almond croissant.

The Sunday Blossoms Collection: Whim and Vigor

I'm super excited to announce our new

Sunday Blossoms collection

that will feature seasonal, limited edition

Handmade Habitat

products and the work of other awesome DC area artists + makers. First up on consignment is the work of

Whim and Vigor

- ceramics you'll find in all of the little corners of my apartment and now with me at shows + in my Etsy shop.

For spring, we have mugs, spoon rests (or ring dishes depending on how you use them) and tins of jasmine green tea in the collection. More to come soon. Stay tuned!

Sunday Blossoms: Late Summer

The farmer's market's flower situation is AMAZING right now. Picked up $15 worth of flowers to do some practice flower arranging with - for the wedding in a few weeks - and DAMN $15 of wildflowers spreads far! I love mixing and arranging them in tiny and found containers - one of those is an iced coffee bottle, another is a milk pitcher, a third is a ceramic vase I made in high school. I love little vases. They make such great little accents all over the house. You might spot some paper flowers in the mix too- I love how it all blends together. Oh I just can't wait until our little flower garden of a wedding. Less than a month awayyy..

Farmer's Market Lovins

Photos from the Silver Spring Farmer's Market, which I confess that I like more than the

Takoma Park Farmer's Market. More legit vendors, more diverse goods, though the same flower people who are my favorite people on the planet! As much as I love TKPK, it's more like I love it despite the comedically particular world that it is. An open minded community, yet stuck in it's old open-minded ways and not ready for a new generation of open-mindedness to come through.

Here are my market pro-tips: (mostly for market vendors)

1. Get yourself some fresh flowers for your display

2. Pick up some strawberries to snack on throughout the day

3. CROISSANTS FOR BREAKFAST - ALWAYS. This is a golden rule.