Hand Lettering

#SSLetters Inspiration

Our next meeting of the

Unofficial Hand Lettering Society of Silver Spring

is all about SCHOOL SUPPLIES! This is my favorite time of year. The glue sticks and colored pencils all go on sale and Target stocks up on all these crazy awesome notebooks you'll never find during the rest of the year. Anyway, join us to letter it up! 

Tuesday, August 11 | 6-8pm

@ Bump 'n Grind Coffee & Records

RSVP Heeeeerrrrrrrreeeee

POPT Public Art

For the last few weeks I've been participating in a really cool public art project that is set to debut this upcoming weekend. It's POPT Public Art and for the first installment, we've been painting plywood murals to take a three-dimensional shape to cover uggo trash cans across downtown Silver Spring. Here are some photos of my process where I started very out green and ended up a little less so, and my final work which, as was pointed out to me, does really look like a Dr Seuss interpretation of a Marc Jacobs quote. Cause you know literary is my thing.

I can't wait to see the final look of these when they go up across Silver Spring. Don't worry, I'll post pics! See some of the other participants' work on Instagram here & here.