Dreamers + Doers 05: Creativity is a Gift

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I have renewed Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert's latest book, from the library three times. That is the maximum amount of times it can be renewed. This guide to creative living is a beacon of light, navigating the waters of summoning courage, letting go of the ego, trusting the magic of the universe and remaining curious throughout the journey.

There are about a million themes we could discuss from this book, and I encourage you to pick up a copy and read it, but what I want to relay + expand on is Gilbert's idea that creativity is a gift - a gift to the creator as much as it is to the audience.

The Romans and Greeks separated the concept of an external creative guide from the notion of the self as an artist. An artist was not a genius, but rather, they had one to guide their hands to bring forth a body of work. The artist is just a conduit for that idea that pulls them further and further through a work until it has been manifested.

Gilbert also postulates that ideas are a force of their own will circumventing the globe looking for a human partner to birth it into this world. If we accept this as true, the ego is therefore set free.

The nature of the ego believes we have ownership of ideas. However, if ideas are a force of their own, then we do not own ideas. They cannot be owned. They are free to float from person to person to person to person as a key looking for the right lock to open the door into being.

Not every idea is one we can use. Sometimes we must pass the key on to another door that it can unlock.

What we own then, is the work we put forth to bringing that idea to life.

So, if you are a painter, then paint. If you are a writer, then write. Hone your craft. Be ready for the day the right key comes to unlock your door. And that, Elizabeth Gilbert would say, is Big Magic.

"If you show up for your work day after day after day after day, you just might get lucky enough some random morning to burst right into bloom."

- Elizabeth Gilbert


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