Dreamers + Doers 02: Do What You Love, Confidently

Dreamers & Doers is a new series here on Sunday Blossoms & a twice-monthly mailing you can get sent right to yer inbox. This space is for creatives to find inspiration, support and encouragement to make their dreams a reality. Written + curated by Amina Ahmad, a creative dreamer / doer crafting through life in & around Washington, DC.

Creativity is the process. Creativity is not the end result. 

Creativity is sweat. Creativity is blood. Creativity is tears. If we didn't love it, we would never play this game in the first place.

If you were blessed on this sweet green Earth with the gift of creativity, use it in your own unique way, with your own unique vision, not in a way you think you should apply it. Because if I've learned anything over these years, there is no right way to do this. What works for another maker won't necessarily work for me. The style of another artist won't flow from my hand. We have to trust the perspective / the vision / the creativity we have within us, and go forth confidently.

Artist, illustrator and ceramist Kenesha Sneed said: “it took a long time for me to feel confident in my style and approach. But the more you make things and keep exploring and resist giving up on what you love doing, you find it’s worth putting the time and effort into doing it. I don’t always love everything I put out there. Simultaneously, you can’t put anything out there without accepting the fact that [the customer] may not love it.” Read more

In this sense, the outcome / the end product is irrelevant. The act of making is what pushes your boundaries / pushes your work. The outcome is always interpretable by the viewer / the consumer, and that right person is out there, waiting to connect with the right product. All you have to do is create something.


Advice from Kenesha Sneed

"I don’t really hold anything I design to anyone else’s standards. If I did, I wouldn’t create anything. You have to continuously go to the beat of your own creativity and let that drive you."

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INSPIRED BY: Nora Simon's 100 Days of Making Cool Shit project
READING: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
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