Dreamers + Doers 01: You are More Than Enough

Dreamers & Doers is a new series here on Sunday Blossoms & a twice-monthly mailing you can get sent right to yer inbox. This space is for creatives to find inspiration, support and encouragement to make their dreams a reality. Written + curated by Amina Ahmad, a creative dreamer / doer crafting through life in & around Washington, DC.

A lot of the images / articles / media / everything that we see on a daily basis exists to tell us that we are not enough. That we don't do enough. That we don't have enough. I think that's especially true when it comes to our art.

Illustrator Mari Andrews posted about her experience on Instagram recently. She's not formally trained. She didn't go to a fancy art school. She just grabbed some basic art supplies and found her voice.

Though to an extent, fancy materials can help elevate our work, it won't functionally or essentially change the form of our work in the first place. It won't change your voice. It won't change your perspective. And no one else has experienced life through your eyes and with your hands, but your own self.

This year my personal challenge is removing the blinders and distractions of external input to find my voice and my perspective as an artist + maker. We can make art with anything around us. All it takes is the action of doing it.

Advice from KT Smail

"Don't try to make art like anybody else. Trust your own instincts. Keep going. 
I try not to spend too much time looking at other people's art. We are so inundated with visual inspiration now, through social media, that I think it is important to retreat a little. So that you can remain true to yourself and not get caught up in trying to be like whoever is the most successful at that very moment. If I draw and paint like me, then my work will stand out because it is mine, regardless of trends. I have to remind myself of that often."

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INSPIRED BY: Matine x Kate Zaremba collab
READING: Simple Matters By Erin Boyle
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