Weekend Getaway: Natural Bridge, VA Pt. 2

Ah yes, the Natural Bridge part of the Natural Bridge trip. It's literally a Natural Bridge like that. Photos really don't do it justice; you should really just go.

Also, if you go, the Natural Bridge Hotel is super picturesque. Like just bleeding American picturesque. We stayed in the pup-friendly cabins but if you stay in the main hotel...

Just awesome. 


Weekend Getaway: Natural Bridge, VA Pt. 1

Brad, Rosie and I got to take a mini family vacation a few weekends ago! Brad's family had a reunion at Natural Bridge, VA so we spent about 24 hours holding babies, running around fields and eating all the things.

It was the first time we really let Rosie run wild. She's a confined little city pup that is glued to a leash or within a fence most of the time so it was really amazing to be able to see her gallop and sprint around, play with kids and come back when I called her. Win Win.

My two favorite girls ever. This is the desktop background of my brain. Always.

Other wild scenes: an overgrown tennis court and lots of wild flowers. Stay tuned for pt. 2

Rehoboth Pt. 2

Rehoboth again. A few weeks ago, Brad and I escaped for a days to the shore visiting his brother for a bit and then making our way to the beach for more serious bronzing. Scenes I was loving:

1. Hanging flower baskets at our little motel

2. The chickens in a diner window

3. Coffee cups that could entertain me for days. 

4. A bookshop's mural.

5. The cutest little boutique and possibly only one that I ventured into that was not ice cream themed - like a little Anthropologie at the beach.

6. Lights over dinner

I've decided that a beach getaway is an absolute necessity every year, and next year I will be planning ahead. There's nothing like sun, sand and adorable beachy nephews to drain all the problems right through your skin and leave them in the ocean, along with your sunglasses but it was oh so worth it. 

#SSLetters Inspiration

Our next meeting of the

Unofficial Hand Lettering Society of Silver Spring

is all about SCHOOL SUPPLIES! This is my favorite time of year. The glue sticks and colored pencils all go on sale and Target stocks up on all these crazy awesome notebooks you'll never find during the rest of the year. Anyway, join us to letter it up! 

Tuesday, August 11 | 6-8pm

@ Bump 'n Grind Coffee & Records

RSVP Heeeeerrrrrrrreeeee