This is the most long overdue post ever. Over six months ago, Brad and I journeyed to Seattle where we indulged. Then we returned home to have our job situations turned on their heads. Not cool. We should have just stayed in Seattle. Here's how we spent those few glorious too-good-to-be-true days though.


We were in Seattle for just a few days but we squeezed in a lot. First, we drove around the city to see the water, see the forest, and then we spent a day walking from Pike's Place Market all the way to an uphill park [Prospect Park] that had a great view of the city. We spent a sunny afternoon in Gasworks Park, and on our last day we took a ferry to Bainbridge Island to enjoy the waters and views.


Pike's Place was an obvious stop as two former market managers, and there we found art, flowers, food and even a DC Crafty Bastards vendor who calls the outlying retail spaces along the waterfront home. We stumbled upon my latest obsession shop - Moorea Seal - and Seattle's economy supports more book stores than either of us imagined was possible in 2016. It's really refreshing. 


The first place we stopped for lunch was in the International District where a huge multi-cultural Asian marketplace exists with stalls of mouth-watering food that cured my cold. We had amazing Korean food, and I've been CRAVING it ever since. We over-indulged on coffee and tea, especially at a little shop where we enjoyed Red Tea Lattes, which was more enriching than imagined. Our last meal in the city was happy hour at a little taco joint with the coolest decor and best steak tacos around.

Have you been to Seattle? What are your favorite stops so we know for when we move!? ;)

Weekend Getaway: Natural Bridge, VA Pt. 2

Ah yes, the Natural Bridge part of the Natural Bridge trip. It's literally a Natural Bridge like that. Photos really don't do it justice; you should really just go.

Also, if you go, the Natural Bridge Hotel is super picturesque. Like just bleeding American picturesque. We stayed in the pup-friendly cabins but if you stay in the main hotel...

Just awesome. 


Rehoboth Pt. 2

Rehoboth again. A few weeks ago, Brad and I escaped for a days to the shore visiting his brother for a bit and then making our way to the beach for more serious bronzing. Scenes I was loving:

1. Hanging flower baskets at our little motel

2. The chickens in a diner window

3. Coffee cups that could entertain me for days. 

4. A bookshop's mural.

5. The cutest little boutique and possibly only one that I ventured into that was not ice cream themed - like a little Anthropologie at the beach.

6. Lights over dinner

I've decided that a beach getaway is an absolute necessity every year, and next year I will be planning ahead. There's nothing like sun, sand and adorable beachy nephews to drain all the problems right through your skin and leave them in the ocean, along with your sunglasses but it was oh so worth it. 

Lazy Lunes Day Trip: Rehoboth Beach

Last Monday Brad and I woke up and decided to go to Rehoboth Beach. It was due to be 1000 degrees with 1000000% humidity in DC for the day so instead of suffering here, we jumped in the car and ended up in Rehoboth Beach just after a thunderstorm came through. The bluest sky you could ever imagine greeted us and we spent the day soaking up the sun, getting dehydrated, getting drunk, sobering up with some fries and then driving back to give our little pup a big hug. Best Lazy Lunes / Margarita Monday ever.

Lazy Lunes Great Falls Day Trip

We've had so much rain this summer that the spot where Brad proposed to me at Great Falls must have been underwater the last time we visited on a good Lazy Lunes day trip. We spent lots of time climbing rocks looking for that exact smooth rocky spot and couldn't find it. I'm convinced it's a magical place that only appears when needed. Something like the Room of Requirement. Because magic exists. <3

Jamaica Dreamin part 3: flowers on bushes on trees on sand by the water

Of the Couples resorts in Jamaica, San Souci is considered the nature-heavy one. It's situated on a cliffside and there are pools and bars at all different levels across the resort. You walk on little stone paths up and down stairs all over the place and it was just perfect. Wrapping up the series, enjoy this tour of the resort. Starting at the mineral pool (I will never get into a chlorinated pool again so I'm looking to make some fancy rich Bethesda friends) and ending on the beach. Enjoy the views.

So long paradise. Hope to meet again someday. 

Jamaica Dreamin part 2: this is how to properly relax

I'm a person who stays busy. Working/not working - it's all the same. I stay busy. When I'm "off the clock" you can generally find me knitting winter socks for the holiday season, working a shift at my local yoga studio or in a yoga class. Sometimes I'll take my computer to my favorite cafe and surf Pinterest for new ideas or update the miscellaneous blogs that I manage, but even that you could consider "working." Whatever. I fucking love to work! 

So on vacation I stayed busy by reading books, taking pics and Instagraming. Mr Handmade Habitat did his best to keep me off the web (and I was really good about going sans internet for the week - or at least minimal internet) so ANYWAY - long story short: this is how you properly relax on vacation. Pictured above: unlimited piña coladas.

This was definitely a foodie vacation but I don't think I ever got a picture of actual food. Above is an empty bowl of rum raisin ice cream. #DrunkforLunch

Fresh ass smoothie bar? ALWAYS.

The best thing about every meal - the resort cats that hung around all the outdoor dining places. Another fun fact- we did not eat a single meal inside. We spent as much time outdoors as humanly possible.

And the most amazing walk-in shower with WINDOWS. Showers with open windows are better. Everyone should know that.