Side Projects

POPT Public Art

For the last few weeks I've been participating in a really cool public art project that is set to debut this upcoming weekend. It's POPT Public Art and for the first installment, we've been painting plywood murals to take a three-dimensional shape to cover uggo trash cans across downtown Silver Spring. Here are some photos of my process where I started very out green and ended up a little less so, and my final work which, as was pointed out to me, does really look like a Dr Seuss interpretation of a Marc Jacobs quote. Cause you know literary is my thing.

I can't wait to see the final look of these when they go up across Silver Spring. Don't worry, I'll post pics! See some of the other participants' work on Instagram here & here.

Portraits by Beltway Vintage

Remember when I was

complaining that my apartment wasn't airy and simple enough

? So I

redid a shelf

and got rid of a ton of shit out of my apartment? This apartment was the reason why. I model for my friend Lisa who owns

Beltway Vintage

, a vintage clothing line (from whom I have many pieces) and the "set" (aka friend's apartment) for her latest look book


was so inspiring that I drove straight from the shoot to Ikea to pick up planks of wood and shelf brackets, and then to the hardware store to pick up more air plants because OMG WHAT AN AMAZING SPACE!! Usually after a shoot, I go back to Lisa's shop


 in Brookland, DC and pick up one of the pieces from the shoot that I couldn't live without. This time it might be a few pieces... Those yellow shorts are part of a JUMPSUIT!!!

I'm even getting unproductive just LOOKING at these photos. I have paper flowers to make, but I'm about to just go clean things and make them pretty...

See the

full look book

here for EVEN MORE interior inspiration!