Winter Walks

In this crazy world we are currently inhabiting, it's insane to remember that it is still only February. Photos from Rosie and my walks would try to convince us otherwise.

The unseasonal warmth has sent the early spring flowers into bloom already, and I'm hearing rumors that DC's cherry blossoms are already starting to show. 


As Rosie and I walked through the wooded trails surrounding our neighborhood yesterday, I wondered how I felt about it. I love traditional winter hibernation, and this spring warmth, though more than welcome come March and April, is freaking me out a little here in February. I don't feel that overt joy that comes with the much needed release from Winter's Wrath, because it's so ghastly inappropriate here in February. 


But then I took a deep breath, put on a smile and thought Que Sera, Sera. Whatever will be will be. At least we have this beautiful day.

Weekend Getaway: Natural Bridge, VA Pt. 1

Brad, Rosie and I got to take a mini family vacation a few weekends ago! Brad's family had a reunion at Natural Bridge, VA so we spent about 24 hours holding babies, running around fields and eating all the things.

It was the first time we really let Rosie run wild. She's a confined little city pup that is glued to a leash or within a fence most of the time so it was really amazing to be able to see her gallop and sprint around, play with kids and come back when I called her. Win Win.

My two favorite girls ever. This is the desktop background of my brain. Always.

Other wild scenes: an overgrown tennis court and lots of wild flowers. Stay tuned for pt. 2

Carnations and Sunshine

Carnations are romantic to me. I know they're a cheap flower - the world's classless fleur - but I just love them. They boast some beautifully bright colors and last a long time.

Life has been kicking me around a little bit this 2015, so on this actually very rainy day on the *brink* (I hope) of spring, I'm trying to let these flowers cheer me up with their brightness, and also this photo of my sunbathing Sunday dog. Neither with a care in the world.