2016 Moments

The end of another year. A tumultuous one at that. I like to read back through my my notes and journals to see progress, to revisit other times / spaces / mindsets and to build on old ideas. As I was flipping through the posts of this blog today I was inspired to round up ten from the year. It was hard to narrow them down, but here they are: my favorite ten of the year. 

10/ Home is Center

I think it can be so interesting to revisit other times. All we have is the present, and all the anxieties you can see in past moments remind me to let it go in the present. We never know what is around the corner, and most of the time, we can't help whatever the universe has in store for us next anyway. Sometimes it's great; sometimes it's scary. Being true in the present is so important. Happiness in the present is so important. Holding your loved ones close in the present is so important. It's a lesson that I've been reminded of over and over and over again this year, and I'm grateful for all these moments we have all had together.

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XOXO Amina

Winter Inspiration: Mendel's

While closing out this snowy weekend, I realized that

The Grand Budapest Hotel

needed a shoutout. It's my winter movie of choice (I've watched it twice this weekend), and I'm craving some Mendel's deserts. Or Mendel's pink. One or the other - or both - would be very welcome in my life.

Yes, yes I know that this movie is not new. It's not new to me either- don't worry. But it is just spectacularly beautiful. It got an undeserved bad rap when it came out for not being as in depth as other Wes Anderson flicks but I don't feel that is representative. No, it's not as heart tuggingly emotional as

The Darjeeling Limited

or as nostalgic as

Moonrise Kingdom

or sympathetic as

Life Aquatic

, but it has it's own character and spirit in it's own right. A fast-moving tale told of a man with nothing, or Zero, and just as a modest person with nothing would tell the story of their life. It may be my favorite of all the Wes Anderson films I've seen. Mystical and imaginative - a place I want to be.

Fairytale Inspo

Finding major book loving inspiration from parts




of this Fairytale inspired wedding on Green Wedding Shoes this week. Giant books, moss, hanging books and shipping labels. Get inside my head further, why don't you. Such an amazing, non-expected twist on the boring rustic/boho/barn weddings that GWS is littered with. Refreshing with touches of what I love about these kinds of weddings.

Fem Crush: Mindy Kaling

I can never have enough good things to say about Mindy Kaling. She is my personal role model and TV superhero. I don't watch anything that she doesn't have her hand in - so The Office and The Mindy Project. I have no interest in anything else. If you don't know her - read her book. There are no words that I give that would even touch on how awesome she is.

Portraits by Beltway Vintage

Remember when I was

complaining that my apartment wasn't airy and simple enough

? So I

redid a shelf

and got rid of a ton of shit out of my apartment? This apartment was the reason why. I model for my friend Lisa who owns

Beltway Vintage

, a vintage clothing line (from whom I have many pieces) and the "set" (aka friend's apartment) for her latest look book


was so inspiring that I drove straight from the shoot to Ikea to pick up planks of wood and shelf brackets, and then to the hardware store to pick up more air plants because OMG WHAT AN AMAZING SPACE!! Usually after a shoot, I go back to Lisa's shop


 in Brookland, DC and pick up one of the pieces from the shoot that I couldn't live without. This time it might be a few pieces... Those yellow shorts are part of a JUMPSUIT!!!

I'm even getting unproductive just LOOKING at these photos. I have paper flowers to make, but I'm about to just go clean things and make them pretty...

See the

full look book

here for EVEN MORE interior inspiration!