Dried Fleurs


is one of my favorite spots in my neighborhood. Technically on the DC side of Takoma Park, it becomes one of my weekly haunts once the weather gets nice. I usually wander out on Sundays to grab some gelato, people watch and pick up some flowers from the farmers' market. My favorite flower folks aren't out yet so usually I don't bother entering into the clusterfuck that is my local farmers' market. This past Sunday was beautiful though, so after yoga I popped in only to discover a world of dried plants that belong in my life. A few of these came home with me - photos coming soon.

P.S. You can find my candles at the DC shop also.

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On Seeded Fruit

On this dry winter morning I'm reminiscing about Valentine's Day and getting massively lost in the US Botanical Gardens, which is the best, most humid space in the entire city in the winter. I cannot wait until spring when the National Arboretum is back in play and the cherry blossoms come out. I just keep imagining myself picnicking under a sea of white-ish pink flowers with a bow in my hair and a tiny dog in a picnic basket. I'm also an blissfully happy tiny white person in this fantasy. Maybe wearing ruby red shoes, but I digress.

The other day I may have been spectacularly not sober when my husband and I had a really in-depth conversation about fruit. We were eating seeded grapes and watching Netflix (cause that's how we do) and after researching whether the seeds were safe to eat or not, I had a major epiphany about how badly we were [probably, this is not a well researched stance] destroying the environment via food production and growing unnatural seedless fruit.  (I may have called all these fruit eunuchs more than once in my, again, not sober epiphany.) In fact, during my seed research I found out that seeds are actually very good for you, so I made Brad pledge with me to never buy seedless grapes - or fruit of any kind - again. 

His response: "Sounds good to me, [insert adorable nickname here]. Seeded grapes are cheaper anyway."

I'm coming off of a two month reading binge of the

Tao of Pooh


Te of Piglet

and both

Winnie the Pooh

books. All I can think of is how we should all be bumbling around like Pooh bear- living off the land, writing bad poetry, and spreading the seeds of fruit so they grow far and wide across the wilderness. As we were all intended. 

Coffee Break: La Mano

One of my favorite neighborhood spots is

La Mano

, a little coffee bar right by the Takoma metro station. A pretty chill, wifi-free spot, I love stopping in there for a fresh drink and a change of the vibe. Bring a book. So analog. 

Part of why I love this place so much? Art and plants. Can't really go wrong there. I did a write up of the artist, Mei Mei Chang that did the wall mural on

one of my other blogs here

(yea, I have a ton of side projects) but now they've rotated out some of her work for a new artist that definitely gets me.

The day's specials list when I went there the other day included a London Fog chai tea latte. I arrived in the mood for chai and O.M.G. did it deliver. Earl Gray + soy milk + honey + some secret spice = perfection.

And a dog.