Photo by Lisa Rowan at the US Botanical Gardens

Deep in the gardens of Takoma Park, picture snapper and candle maker Amina Ahmad dwells with her leash-aggressive dog, Rosie. Together we let no flowers or squirrels rest peacefully on our daily walks around the neighborhood in between making fresh batches of Soothe the Soul soy candles and paper flowers.

Sunday Blossoms was birthed out of perhaps too many trips to the Takoma Park Sunday Farmer's Market for a weekly bouquet of flowers - or Sunday Blossoms, if you will. This blog is a journal of life - a combination of things I see everyday in my wild neighborhood or DC candle making studio; and around some of my favorite haunts. Sometimes you'll find my thoughts and sometimes my inspiration.

A note about Takoma Park: Have you seen Portlandia? It's pretty close to that but a smaller area. It is like living in a little comedically liberal hippie paradise and I love / hate it. Depends on my mood.

Side Projects:

Check Handmade Habitat for the things I make.

Join me at the Unofficial Hand Lettering Society of Silver Spring for evenings of carefree creativity.


Favorite TKPK bumper sticker? Tie between "What happens in Takoma Park gets debated in Takoma Park" and "Who Rescued Who"

Bark less, wag more.